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We provide Mobile Chiropractic and Muscle Activation to Post Falls and surrounding areas!
What is Mobile Chiropractic?

House calls, mobile chiropractor, concierge chiro—all to say, Dr. Stewart drives to you and sets up a portable chiro table to bring you convenience and healing at home. We have also partnered with optional treatment locations if you prefer to be treated in office.
What is Muscle Activation?

Muscle Activation is a relatively new therapy that has been almost exclusive to the pro sports world. Dr. Stewart trained at an elite sports clinic and can now bring this groundbreaking treatment to you!

When your muscles get injured or stressed, your brain turns down the power to them to prevent further injury. Healthy muscles in the area compensate for their weakened neighbors.

Typically, after healing, your brain turns full power back on and you're good to go!

But, sometimes, the now healed muscles stay inhibited. Over time, your compensating muscles will get overworked, leading to even more pain and injury.

Enter muscle activation!

In a 3-5 minute per muscle treatment, power is restored and your muscles can reach their full potential again. Tightness, weakness, and pain in both your inhibited muscles and the compensating muscles typically disappears.

Once your muscles are activated, they should stay active unless you suffer a new significant injury.
Our goal is to help you get better and stay better! Schedule a Discovery Call on our website today!


Dr. Stewart adjusting a patient at home
Dr. Stewart taping a patient's shoulder
Have table, will travel! We do house calls!
Activating an upper body muscle
We are mobile! Dr. Stewart drives to you
Tool-assisted scraping for a patient's calf
Testing a quad muscle on a patient at home
Dr. Stewart conducting a nasal examination before a nasal specific treatment

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Mason Stewart
Owner and Doctor of Chiropractic

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